Caroline Adams

Caroline Adams, NRCPD registered interpreter (RSLI) taking direct bookings in Sussex, Brighton & Hove, London and the South East of England

My working relationship with the Deaf community began with the London Deaf Video Project in 1991 giving me solid ground on which to build my interpreting career which has now spanned more than 15 years.

My working life before interpreting was in Personnel, and I believe this alongside my life experiences as a mother and as someone who dabbles in creative art, music and sport has given me a broad knowledge base which informs my interpreting work.

I live in Brighton, working locally and across the Sussex region.  I would describe myself as a "toes to tribunals" community interpreter as I have a broad range of experience whether that be within health and therapy services, with Deaf professionals at work based meetings or at employment and benefit tribunals.

My aim, always, is to achieve good communication between parties in a personable and flexible manner.