Sharon Cox

Sharon Cox, NRCPD registered interpreter (RSLI) taking direct bookings in Sussex, Brighton & Hove, London and the South East of England

I started work as a classroom assistant at a school for Deaf children in Brighton. This experience of working in another language and culture lead me to study BSL/English interpreting at the Centre for Deaf Studies at Bristol University (1991-1993) and my interpreting career began in 1994. 

Since 1998 I have developed my area of specialism in the field of mental health. I have interpreted for Deaf students/trainees pursuing their careers in this complex domain, including a four year Psychodynamic Psychotherapy training at WPF Therapy, a three year Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at Canterbury and Christchurch University, and various courses at the Tavistock Clinic. I have interpreted clinical work with National Deaf Services (South West London and St Georges NHS Trust): Adult Deaf Services in-patient unit and the Deaf Child, Young People and Family Service for family therapy interventions. Other clinical interpreting has included supervision, one to one therapy (long term and time limited), group therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, cognitive analytical therapy, CPN and psychiatry appointments. Working collaboratively with therapists to enable Deaf patients to engage in a therapeutic relationship is something I am very passionate about. 

ABE interviews with the police and safeguarding interventions have also been a feature of my work for many years. 

Since 2005 most of my work has been in health and social care in and around Brighton and Hove. I have developed a good working knowledge in these fields and have established trusted relationships with the patients/clients and practitioners with whom I work.